Our Coffee & Process

Harnessing the innate qualities of specialty green coffee beans and the relationship between heat and time to produce freedom in a cup…. now that’s a challenge worth taking on.

Our Coffee Beans

Sourcing great beans is the Holy Grail of any coffee roaster and with so many variables to the perfect bean including variety, altitude, climate and soil growing conditions it can be very hard to find.


Add to the mix our desire to be ethical in our coffee offerings so it becomes important to us how any employees are treated and paid as we cannot be funding a children’s home in India on the backs of slaves in Brazil.


We have settled on purchasing specialty grade coffee as it can be traced in the aspects of growing, harvesting and how employees are treated not to mention being sorted to a high quality to get rid of any defective beans.


We have partnered with Garth at Coffee Love who searches and sources these beans for us to lovingly roast, blend and make just for you .

Our Roaster

Now we have great beans, sourced ethically, our next challenge is to unlock all the goodness through the process of roasting.  Our great wee 2kg drum roaster is working daily to ensure absolute freshness and consistency


Using heat and time we roast to just past the first excited crack but drop the beans just moments before the second crack as we really enjoy a slightly lighter roast as we believe this brings out the true flavour of the bean.


We roast each origin separately and blend afterwards as we know each origin has a different roast profile dependant on individual characteristics such as size and density.  This also allows us to taste test each origin on a regular basis to ensure quality.

Our Coffee

Our House Blend is always available at our coffee shop and we serve it as an espresso, pour over or a cold brew.  The blend is very versatile and holds up to a milky cappuccino while offering great black coffee through a plunger or pour over.


We also have single origin coffee available for those wanting to explore the wide world of coffee.  The vastly different notes, profiles and aroma’s discovered in bean varieties from around the world really opens our taste buds to the adventure of real coffee.


Look out for our coffee evenings where we ‘cup’ a new bean, demonstrate roasting and focus on a specific way of making a great cup of coffee and even have a guest coffee ‘nut’ when we can.