The Workshop

The Workshop

A great small space that  adapts to your needs – small seminar space, Movie Night, Pop Up Retail, Work Meetings, Art showcase….. we have had it all.  The WorkShop space is a Sozo Coffee initiative to provide an opportunity for locals to meet, no need to travel for a good intimate space for your needs.  Contact us today to see if we can help

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Do you need a space for a small business meeting or a strategy get together?  We can set up a large table to seat 12 easily or two seperate tables for 16.  We have available a sound system and projector.  Connected to The Workshop is Sozo Coffee House providing fresh roasted coffee to help the creative juices flow.


We have a great intimate space that accommodates 20 people in a seminar seating configuration allowing for a speaker and all the equipment for a presentation.  Sozo Coffee House next door can keep you well refreshed for a day of seminars.


Are you a local small business who would like to show off your products for an intense week of sales?  Sozo Coffee House has an established clientele who love the opportunity to discover new products not to mention your own contacts who would love to come and see your business in all its glory.  Connect with us and see how we can help your small business.


Are you an artist, cake decorator, sewing maestro, scrapbook wizard and want to hold a workshop to share your knowledge?  Connect with us and lets see what we can do.

FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions)

How much does it cost?

This will depend on what it is you need from us and the room and what your project is.  If it is a not for profit program we would like to help and if you are using the space to sell your wares we will work with you to ensure a fair price.  Our goal is for The Workshop to become a great community space to showcase and inspire locals and their dreams.

How many people can it hold?

20 people seated in rows as you would for a seminar or movie night
13 people around one large table
16 people around two tables.

What equipment do you have?

We have the tables and chairs.  We have a shelving system for a Pop Up shop.  We have a projector and a sound system set up.

Do you Cater?

At this stage we are very busy running the coffee shop next door so we do not offer a specific catering service (yet) but you are more than welcome to pop in next door and order from our cabinet/menu and we will deliver to you.

Booking Enquiries

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